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La romance de Miss Magalie

Tome 1

1. Incognito, je serai



Release date : 

3 mai 2023

target audience : 

10 à 14 ans

Price : 

16.95 CAD

Number of pages : 


Collaborater(s) : 

  • Amy Lachapelle

Extrait : 

Description : 

Title : Miss Magalie's romance : Anonymous, I'll be (Vol. 1)

Megan-Lee lives a pretty ordinary life, but everything changes when the most popular girl of the school asks her to write for the school newspaper. As a shy person, Megan-Lee decides to create an anonymous persona for her chronic intitled Miss Magalie’s romance in which she will gradually write a love story. Thanks to social media, her story will become unexpectedly successful. Between her friend Chloe who falls in love every four seconds and Anaëlle who has a crush on Megan-Lee’s cousin James, the young writer to be finds herself attracted to a attractive stranger who weirdly resembles the character she created for Miss Magalie’s romance...