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Les Illuminés

Tome 2

Le danger d'y croire



Release date : 

29 mars 2023

target audience : 

10 à 14 ans

Price : 

14.95 CAD

Number of pages : 


Collaborater(s) : 

  • Guillaume Demers

Extrait : 

Description : 

Title : The Illuminated : The Danger to believe (Vol. 2)

Since the incident with the Illuminati, Michael and his friend’s Egorama channel his getting a lot more subscribers. The teenagers keep finding ideas to create new content until one theme stands out from the others... they saw a strange light in the sky over their town a couple months ago. A bad costume choice in one of their video will have big consequences for Dimitri who will start getting bullied. While trying to help their friend, the group will be drawn in a situation that might involve the UFO and the Illuminati.