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Un livre à lire... et à détruire! Le défi de Henry



target audience : 

9 à 12 ans

Price : 

17.95 CAD

Number of pages : 


Collaborater(s) : 

  • Dominique De Loppinot

Description : 

Title : A book to read and to... destroy!

Everything is going wrong for Henry and his sister Maly. Their mother decided to turn off the Wi-Fi! She even asked them to do without screen time and sent them outside. Even worse, they are forbidden to return to the house before supper time! What is there when they have no money or electronic gadget to enjoy themselves? Fortunately for them, their pockets contain something to keep them busy... Careful! This book is not like the others! Throughout its reading, the child is invited to modify it by adding color and texture, writing information, drawing, tearing, cutting, painting, staining, etc.